Stacy: 34 Radiologist, Married February 2016


I had almost given up on men when I found Honolulu Singles almost 2 years ago. “I’m never dating again”, “men don’t understand me”, I thought. But the truth was much deeper. Honestly I didn’t even really know what I was looking for and I always went after the wrong type of guy.

One day I decided to take a leap of faith and go to their office for a free consultation and personality tests (I’d never heard of Egogram), and they also had a 5 point personality radar test they developed themselves. When their counselors explained to me why I was failing at relationships I couldn’t believe it and almost walked out. But then their president calmly explained that she had 22 years of matchmaking experience and she had councelled many women who seemed to date the wrong type of men.

It took a few dates for me to realize what she meant but these last few months of marriage to the most amazing guy have been wonderful. I can’t imagine the type of woman that I was before. Thank you so much

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