Jessica: 31 Hotel Management, Still Looking


I just moved to Oahu from NYC about 8 months ago and I was surprised how SMALL the island is. I work in
management at a popular restaurant in Waikiki and it seems like I am always seeing the same people. I’ve
even gone to the North Shore to relax and swim and customers have even recognized me there!

Of course some of the men I work with are attractive but I could never date any of them because I care
about my career. I like to go out and have fun too, but I knew that I was never going to find someone who
cherrished me at a bar or club. I’ll admit I’ve had a fling or two but how could that last. And I felt bad
after if I did like the guy and he never called.

Since I’ve been with Honolulu Singles I’ve met only well-groomed, attractive men who care about their
carreer as much as I do. There are a few guys that I’ve met through this service two or three times but
it’s so hard to choose! They are all fantastic men who make me feel good about myself and the chance of a
serious relationship. Maybe if I’m still single when you join the counselors will set us up on a date :)
Hint: I prefer a classic martini to a touristy mai thai.

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