Anna: 33 Accounting, Engaged June 2016


Maybe online dating works for some women but it never worked for me. I think I’m quite attractive and I would just get floods of mail every day. There was no way for me to look through all the profiles or even be sure that they were real. So many men said something like “HEY SEXY!”, or “Wanna come over to my place tonight?!”. It was disgusting and I felt terrible about myself.

A friend of mine from work admitted that she used Honolulu Singles when she showed me her engagement ring. I was completely jealous of her! Because I thought I was a much better catch.

That was just over a year ago and now…I’m engaged! ‘M’ treats me like the love of his life and the smart, attractive woman that I know I am. He builds me up instead of tearing me down and I would do anything for him. Sorry ladies, I took him off the market!

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