Amanda: 35, Small Business Owner, Married 2 Years

Amanda: 35, Small Business Owner, Married 2 Years


I’m a sweet, traditional woman who was looking for someone to respect me and appreciate me and be a wonderful husband and father. I never really dated because my parents wanted to protect their ‘little girl’, and when I did start dating I realized why; so many men lie even about little things that don’t matter to women.

So when my parents wanted me to take over their business, I wanted to find a man that I could love and trust. Honolulu singles made me and all the men that I saw take background checks and personality tests. I was so relieved not to have to worry that I was seeing a criminal. It took a lot of pressure off this down-to-earth girl.

‘J’ and I got married after about a year of dating but honestly because I trusted him I could have married him sooner if he’d have proposed!

The counseling has been great too during my pregnancy. I went through a lot of changes emotionally and I was worried that ‘J’ might not support me but he’s been more supportive than I could have imagined. We have bumps occasionally like so many couples but Reiko (the president) is always there if we need some advice.

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