Anna: 33 Accounting, Engaged June 2016

Maybe online dating works for some women but it never worked for me. I think I’m quite attractive and I would just get floods of mail every day. There was no way for me to look through all the profiles or even be sure that they were real. So many men said something like “HEY SEXY!”, or “Wanna come over to my place tonight?!”. It was disgusting and I felt terrible about myself. A friend of mine from work admitted that she used Honolulu Singles when she showed me her engagement ring. I was completely jealous of her! Because I thought I was a much better catch. That was just over a year ago and now…I’m engaged! ‘M’ treats me like the love of his life and the smart, attractive woman that I know I am. He builds me up instead of tearing me down and I would do anything for him. Sorry ladies, I took him off the...

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Amanda: 35, Small Business Owner, Married 2 Years

I’m a sweet, traditional woman who was looking for someone to respect me and appreciate me and be a wonderful husband and father. I never really dated because my parents wanted to protect their ‘little girl’, and when I did start dating I realized why; so many men lie even about little things that don’t matter to women. So when my parents wanted me to take over their business, I wanted to find a man that I could love and trust. Honolulu singles made me and all the men that I saw take background checks and personality tests. I was so relieved not to have to worry that I was seeing a criminal. It took a lot of pressure off this down-to-earth girl. ‘J’ and I got married after about a year of dating but honestly because I trusted him I could have married him sooner if he’d have proposed! The counseling has been great too during my pregnancy. I went through a lot of changes emotionally and I was worried that ‘J’ might not support me but he’s been more supportive than I could have imagined. We have bumps occasionally like so many couples but Reiko (the president) is always there if we need some...

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Yuki: 31 Federal Worker, Exclusively Dating for 2 months

Many of my friends tried and tried to set me up with their ‘nice’ friends and I could never say ‘no’. Sure the guys were nice but they weren’t what I was looking for and I think the guys knew this right away. I really felt sorry for them. And because of my job I couldn’t risk online dating so I felt pretty hopeless about my prospects. I wish that I had started Honolulu Singles sooner but in my short time with them I’ve never felt better about finding a man who shares my hobbies: hiking, working out, traveling, fine dining, and settling down with a nice glass of wine. My current boyfriend is confident, fun and spontanious with a great sense of humor but he’s also a serious career oriented man. None of my friends (sorry) could have introduced me to such a great guy. Finally I feel like I’m at a good place in my...

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Stacy: 34 Radiologist, Married February 2016

I had almost given up on men when I found Honolulu Singles almost 2 years ago. “I’m never dating again”, “men don’t understand me”, I thought. But the truth was much deeper. Honestly I didn’t even really know what I was looking for and I always went after the wrong type of guy. One day I decided to take a leap of faith and go to their office for a free consultation and personality tests (I’d never heard of Egogram), and they also had a 5 point personality radar test they developed themselves. When their counselors explained to me why I was failing at relationships I couldn’t believe it and almost walked out. But then their president calmly explained that she had 22 years of matchmaking experience and she had councelled many women who seemed to date the wrong type of men. It took a few dates for me to realize what she meant but these last few months of marriage to the most amazing guy have been wonderful. I can’t imagine the type of woman that I was before. Thank you so...

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Jessica: 31 Hotel Management, Still Looking

I just moved to Oahu from NYC about 8 months ago and I was surprised how SMALL the island is. I work in management at a popular restaurant in Waikiki and it seems like I am always seeing the same people. I’ve even gone to the North Shore to relax and swim and customers have even recognized me there! Of course some of the men I work with are attractive but I could never date any of them because I care about my career. I like to go out and have fun too, but I knew that I was never going to find someone who cherrished me at a bar or club. I’ll admit I’ve had a fling or two but how could that last. And I felt bad after if I did like the guy and he never called. Since I’ve been with Honolulu Singles I’ve met only well-groomed, attractive men who care about their carreer as much as I do. There are a few guys that I’ve met through this service two or three times but it’s so hard to choose! They are all fantastic men who make me feel good about myself and the chance of a serious relationship. Maybe if I’m still single when you join the counselors will set us up on a date Hint: I prefer a classic martini to a touristy mai...

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