Steps on how to get started We conduct free consultations at our office. We will explain to you

STEP 1 Contact Us

Contact us through our website (Contact Form), Email or by telephone.

STEP 2 Free Consultation

We conduct free consultations at our office. We will explain to you about our Company, system, services as well as about our Clientele in detail.

  • Be assured, our system’s utmost priority is your privacy.

STEP 3 Enroll/Registration

Upon enrollment, we will discuss in detail your preferences, create a profile with your data and will register you as a member.

STEP 4 Matchmaking Process

  • Take the Personality test
  • View Client Photo Albums
  • Counseling Sessions with experienced Counselor
  • Dates will be arranged based on preferences, counseling

and analysis of Personality test

STEP 5 The Date

Let us know when you would like to go on a date and we will make all the arrangements. This is not just a simple arrangement, but an introduction to someone that a professional matchmaker has selected just for you.

STEP 6 Follow Up After The Date

Feedback after the date is extremely important. Confirmation of how the other party felt, relationship counseling and advice will be discussed. We offer our support and services so that you meet many people and quality matches.

STEP 7 Relationship

Your relationship has started! Professional counselors are always available to discuss any matters with you and give you advice. Leave it up to us!

STEP 8 You are a Happy Couple

For our staff, this is the happiest moment!