Privacy Policy


Honolulu Singles Inc. (the “Company”) provides security and protection for private and personal information of all individuals that contact us (“Customer”) because the company believes that doing so is our obligation founded on corporate social responsibility. Our security policy regarding personal information is described below.

Basic Policy Relating to Personal Information:
Honolulu Singles will handle the personal information that is provided by the individuals at our company’s the website with the utmost care and will not collect any information without the individual’s consent. In addition, the Company prefers to use only relevant information to provide the necessary services to our Customers. The Company will never disclose or dispose any information provided by Customers to a third-party entity. Any correction or modifications to the Customer’s personal data will promptly made upon request from the said Customer once that Customer’s identity is verified. In the event that the Company is the recipient of a legal order to disclose the Customer’s personal information (disclosure, revision, cancellation, suspension, application, third-party suspension, etc.), the Company will immediately contact the Customer for verification and promptly handle the request in an appropriate manner while keeping the Customer’s rights in mind.

Company Policy Regarding the Acquisition of Personal Information:
In order for the Company to provide its full range of services, individuals will be asked to provide their personal data on a number of forms during the membership registration procedure. All information will be handled in a fair and appropriate manner relevant to the service that the Company will provide our Customers. The purpose and use of any personal information will be disclosed in advance, and the Company will not behave in any manner that may seriously injure the Customer’s fundamental rights (to privacy). With regards to extremely confidential information, the Company will refrain from handling sensitive data and the sharing of such information will be the decision of the individual Customer.

Regulations Regarding Personal Information:
As a company that provides introductory services for potential relationship purposes, Honolulu Singles is keenly cognizant of the responsibilities inherent in handling the Customer’s personal and confidential information and constantly strives to adhere to the strictest of standards in protecting and handling such valuable information when the Company conducts our business. The Company’s officers and employees fully comprehend the basic principles of the right to privacy, and are required to sign written contracts that require them to follow all relevant laws and statutes along with the Company’s policies with respect to the handling of confidential information. The entire staff at Honolulu Singles is fully committed to caring and protecting everyone’s confidential information to the fullest extent possible in order for the Customer to utilize our services without any hesitation.

The Scope of the Use of Personal Information:
Our information security management and procedures will be applied to every piece of information in the Company’s possession along with the conduct of our Company officers, employees, and service providers. With respect to third-party service providers, the Company imposes stricter controls over their handling of confidential information by contractually requiring them to observe more stringent security procedures on a continual basis.

Management of Third-Party Service Providers:
The Company’s third-party service providers are thoroughly inspected to insure a satisfactory level of competency in handling sensitive and confidential information and undergo a careful selection process prior to entering into a contractual business relationship. Once selected, the Company will complete a business partnership contract with the provider that will outline the security and managerial policies in handling confidential information along with detailed procedures follow in the event of unforeseen incidents in order to protect and insure the safety of the Company and all information in its possession. The Company will also conduct periodic inspections with our service providers to insure that all confidential information is handled according to regulation.

Policy Regarding the Protection of Personal Information:
The Company will manage the Customer’s confidential information under the authority of all pertinent laws, regulations and our own security procedures to prevent any unauthorized access, alteration, and disclosure of such information on an ongoing basis.
Policies Regarding the Handling of Information Security Violations:
In the event that the security procedures in the handling of confidential information are breached, the Company will designate a staff member to serve as the point of contact with the Customer to handle all inquiries and complaints. The Company will do its best to swiftly and efficiently initiate contact with those Customers that are affected by the breach, gather and preserve any material evidence, initiate procedures to contain the breach, provide solutions to quickly restore the account and to prevent the reoccurrence of such violations.

Improving the Management of Personal Information:
At this time, the Company does not have an established policy regarding the improvement of our information security procedures. However, the Company is constantly striving to improve its policies and management of confidential information in order to keep up with any changes and developments occurring in its environment, and respectfully request your continual support and understanding.

Disclosure, Revision, and Deletion of Personal Information:
Customers requesting any modification to their personal information must directly contact MIH. The company will quickly make any changes as requested once the identity of the Customer making the request is verified.

Policy Regarding the Customer’s Rights:
The Company will comply with the following requests from the Customer in a manner which upholds the said
Customer’s rights:

  • Disclosure of Personal Information
  • Revising or Correcting Personal Information
  • Elimination of Personal Information
  • Banning the Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties
  • Suspending the Use of Personal Information

Requests of this type can be made by the Customer or the Customer’s designated representative. The Company will quickly comply with the Customer’s requests once the individual’s identity is verified.

Customer’s Designated Representative:
Requests which are made by the Customer’s designated representative or legal guardian (in cases where the Customer is a minor or an adult ward of the State) will be honored once their status and identity is verified.

Disclaimer Regarding Customer Rights:

  • Identities of the Customer and/or Customer’s legal representative cannot be verified
  • Customer’s information does not exist with the Company
  • Requests that hinder the Company’s ability to conduct proper business or the information is deemed as false
  • Requests that may violate laws, ordinances, and statutes

Disclaimer Regarding the Protection of Personal Information:

  • Customer has given his or her consent to disclose the information
  • In emergency situations which concern the health, safety and the welfare of the Customer and seeking approval to
    disclose such information is deemed as difficult
  • Official requests to disclose information coming from any legal organization of authority including the police, courts,
    tax officials, etc. within the jurisdiction
  • Official requests from parties (individuals and organizations) authorized by the courts (under subpoena)
  • In circumstances where the Customer has violated the terms of use previously agreed to with the Company and/or
    its third-party service providers or any governing legal regulations, and the disclosure of said Customer’s personal
    information is deemed necessary to protect the Company and its Customers, employees, and service providers even
    if obtaining the approval to disclose personal information is deemed as difficult from the said Customer

Physical Address:

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While we meet all potential members in person, to protect the privacy of our current and potential members, please make an appointment before visiting our offices. You can do so by calling  (808) 924-4481 M-F 9-6.