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Difference between Online dating and Honolulu Singles. Online dating is an easy service.

The #1 reason why people use this service is that you can do this in the comfort of your own home with reasonable fees.

It may also be convenient because you can select women (men) and contact them. However, is there any guarantee that the photos and profiles of the people you choose are real?

Published data reports that 93% of people registered on Online dating sites have submitted some false information about themselves. Within that, data reports show that 56% are currently married or already in a relationship.

Typically, men submit false information regarding their profession, and their height. For women it is of course, age and photos (like posting a photo from 5 years ago). Can you imagine the disappointment if you exchange Emails for 3 months with a person who told you they don’t have any children, come to find out that they actually had 3… Other than that, you meet them and they were completely different from the photo, or their age was different, or their profession was different, and so on… It all becomes a waste of time.

Do you want to search through inaccurate profiles to find your soul mate?


Do you think you can meet your soul mate by searching through inaccurate profiles?

Above all, the main concern with online dating is the person’s identity. Not only is there zero guarantee that the information published is correct, but you don’t even know if the person has a criminal background. Even if you are happily exchanging emails with someone, the risk is very high.

And, the success rate is very low!
Currently, the success rate for online dating is only about 7~9%. Sent Emails to more than a dozen people but no one returns a reply… exchanged Emails with more than a dozen people but was unable to meet anyone in person, are some common experiences people have.


Honolulu Singles guarantees you will meet people. We offer real introductions with correct profile information and it’s with people who have passed a strict background check.

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