How it Works


Honolulu Singles is a professional matchmaking consulting company for those too busy to meet new people.

It’s for positive people who choose not to wait passively for something as important as meeting the right person.

It’s for people who want to actively increase the possibility of being happy with that special someone.

Are you currently looking to meet that special person?

Honolulu Singles has over 4,000 registered members, making us the largest matchmaking company with most registered singles in Honolulu, Hawaii. Happy relationships are starting every day. If you are looking for a long term relationship with that special person, why not start our Free Trial and see why our success rate is so high! Experience for your self, why we have continued to be successful for more than 10 years.

Honolulu Singles is a matchmaking service which has grown steadily in Hawaii. Our professional matchmakers will review through our vast data base and start introducing you to people who match your preference; something only we can do because we are the largest matchmaking company in Hawaii. This is your chance to go on actual dates with women (men) who are actively looking for their partner, who want the same things and have the same values as you. Why waste time?

Are you currently meeting quality people who match your preference?

If you are not meeting women (men) who have the qualities you seek, the ideal relationship you seek will never start. Please choose from the 4,000 Honolulu Singles members who may be right for you. We are confident that we can introduce you to the right person.

If any of the following applies to you,

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  • Do you wonder where you could go to meet new people?
  • Is your busy schedule limiting your urge to go out and meet new people?
  • Is your busy life making you lose interest in dating?
  • Is your professional success and busy career limiting your chances of meeting new people?
  • Is your busy life limiting the time you can spend on dating?
  • Are you wasting time in the ‘dating’ process before becoming Girlfriend/Boyfriend?
  • Are you tired of “Playing Games” at bars and night clubs?
  • Are you unsatisfied with your current relationship?
  • Are you tired of your friends setting you up on blind dates?
  • Do you hesitate before approaching a lady (gentleman) you don’t know?
  • Are you wasting time before arranging an actual date with someone?
  • How confident are you in your dating skills?

Looking for a long term relationship but not meeting the right people? Unsatisfied with your current relationship? Don’t waste your time with the “dating game” in your already busy life! Honolulu Singles has the solution so that you can be introduced to the right person for you!

Honolulu Singles guarantees real dates:

Honolulu Singles has over 4,000 members based mainly in Oahu, Hawaii and is the largest matchmaking firm in Hawaii with over 10 years of experience. Honolulu Singles will arrange actual dates with our members who match your preferences.

There is no need for you to send numerous Emails to our Female (Male) clients, and there is no need for you to arrange the dates yourself. That’s right! You don’t need to waste any time in order to meet our female (male) clients. At Honolulu Singles, it is guaranteed that you will meet the perfect person for you, giving you correct information, without wasting your time and removing all sorts of risks.

You will definitely meet people who are looking for a long term relationship:

If you are looking for a long term relationship, it will be a complete waste of time for you if the other person just wants a casual relationship, or a short term relationship. People who are married, or have Boyfriends/Girlfriends cannot register at Honolulu Singles. At Honolulu Singles, you will meet singles who are looking for the same things as you.

Honolulu Singles has a strict background check at time of registration:

Honolulu Singles will make sure that your photo, date of birth, marital status, if you have children or not, profession, criminal record and profiles which you give us is correct or not. We assure that all information of the women (men) who we introduce to you is correct.

With Honolulu Singles’ feedback system it is impossible for people to “play games”:

After a first date, can you be absolutely sure how she (he) feels about you? The more you have strong feelings for that person, the more difficult it may be to know for sure. At Honolulu Singles, our feedback system after the date will confirm how you feel about each other. There is no need to play any “dating games”.

Honolulu Singles doesn’t just arrange the dates:

Arranging first dates is just one of the many things we do at Honolulu Singles. At Honolulu Singles, arranging the first date is the easiest part of our service. Our goal is for you to start a relationship with the perfect person for you.

The natural steps which occur after the first date, is when our utmost care and support is most needed. After meeting a potential right person, whether you can secure the second date during the first date really depends on your dating skills and how you approach women (men). That is why at Honolulu Singles, we introduce you to a wonderful person, and at the same time, provide you counseling and support to improve your dating skills.

Support provided until you meet your right match:

When you are meeting different people, situations occur where you are liked by those you are not interested in, and not liked by those you like… Some people find success after meeting 5 people, but for others it may take 10 or even 20 introductions. At Honolulu Singles we will continue our introductions until you are satisfied. By improving your dating skills through our follow-up system at Honolulu Singles, you can achieve results and finally reach your relationship goals.

Honolulu Singles will protect your personal information:

If you post photos and information on the internet there are no guarantees as to what it will be used for. However, at Honolulu Singles, we protect our clients’ privacy so that our clients are able to go on real dates while protecting their personal information.

Honolulu Singles has a high success rate:

With over 10 years of experience and with Honolulu Singles’ unique “Matchmaking System”, we currently have a coupling rate of 86%. Meet your soul mate at Honolulu Singles… it doesn’t have to be just a dream!