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Hi Pumpkin :)

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“Meadowbrook Pumpkin Farm” (CC BY 2.0) by mbaylor Fall is in the air which means it’s time for Aloun Farms 17th Annual Pumpkin Festival! Jump on a hay ride with your sweetheart at this family friendly event where you can harvest over a dozen different types of produce and support local agriculture here in Hawaii. Later you two can spend time together laughing and flirtatiously flinging pumpkin fillings at each other as your carve your Halloween Jack-o-Lantern. Love can be scary especially if you haven’t dated in many years so why not trust the professionals at If you’re still looking for that special someone please give us a call at 808-924-4481 and we will show you the right way to grow love in your life....

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Jazz Brunch

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“Charcuterie” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Charles Haynes You don’t have to spend hours traveling to the mainland to enjoy a fun New Orleans-style brunch in a Jazzy environment, the last Sundays of each month this fall, Grondin hosts a Jazz brunch from 11 – 2pm. Enjoy French and Latin inspired dishes as you sip handcrafted cocktails and romance away the afternoon to live, soothing Jazz. Then after, hold hands and take a lazy stroll through Foster Botanical Gardens, or bring a blanket to relax in the shade with a quiet, snugly, afternoon nap. Still in need of a date with whom to enjoy all of these romantic activities? Give our relationship counselors a call at 808-924-448 and we will work to make your dreams a reality. Aloha!...

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Sake and Sushi

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“Sushi and sake” (CC BY 2.0) by newandrew Sake and Sushi for 2 Sake and Sushi go together like grilled cheese and tomato soup or Hawaii and Romance, they are a perfect combination to spark the senses and and warm the heart. September 21st from 6 – 8:30pm at the Pacific Guardian Center enjoy handmade sushi paired with imported sake, some of which is usually unavailable in Hawaii. Look deep into your dates eyes as the sensuality of the event, the music and the flavors, cause you to float away and melt into a blissful pairing. Dates happen all the time but perfect matches are rare. We’ve helped hundreds of couples marry and since you are still looking, why not turn to the professionals. Give us a call Monday – Friday 9-6 and one of our relationship counselors will prepare your dating menu.  ...

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Healthy Living

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When many people are dating they feel that they should find a partner who shares similar activities that they can enjoy together. While having a few or many hobbies and interests or movie and music tastes in common, we’ve found through our 23 years as Hawaii’s most successful professional matchmakers that relationships succeed when people’s core values align and when they can respect one another for those. For some, food is the basis of their value system and this week we’d like to introduce VegFest Oahu, September 2 at the Frank Fasi Civic Grounds at 530 South King St. Enjoy live cooking demonstrations, talks about healthy living and lifestyle and all the music that you would expect from a vegan, health conscious festival. If healthy living appeals to you and your partner or you think that you both might benefit from changing your dietary habits then this might be the event for both of you. And if you’re tired of meeting individuals who’s values don’t align with yours and you’d like to fall in love with some who does, give our relationship counselors a call at (808) 924-4481 to reserve your free relationship counseling session and start your journey toward a happier...

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Sunset Mele

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It’s only natural to enjoy a romantic sunrise or sunset in Hawaii because, well, it’s Hawaii! There are other ways to enjoy a romantic evening and the Sunset Mele returns to the convention center roof this October 28th! An event for couples with or without children this Mele will feature vendors selling delicious local fair, a bouncy house and the film Manoa, as well as  live Hawaiian music and a hula performance. The fun starts at 4:45 so you might want to get there early to find the perfect spot to enjoy the evening and each other’s company. There might still be two months before this event but why wait? Give our relationship counselors a call at (808) 924-4481 and we’ll introduce you to our professional matchmaking service with an 83% success rate in forming long-term relationships. Don’t wait, reserve your free consultation today....

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For the Early Risers

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Most of our date ideas and suggestions we provide are best enjoyed in the evening or as an all day activity, however today’s suggestion starts even earlier, before sunrise! Depending on your schedule and how early you and your cuddle partner like to wake up, head out to Lanikai Beach and enjoy a magnificent sunrise. You’ll hold hands, cuddle close and if it’s winter because you wanted to sleep in, warm up with your hydroflask of hot coco or coffee, while the sun rises over the island.   If you got any sleep the night before, you can combine this date with a kayak out to the Mokulua Islands, or grab a prime spot on a nearby beach. The day is yours to enjoy together! We’re not all fortunate enough to wake-up beside someone we care about. Give our relationship counselors a call and make the change. (808)...

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East Side Drive

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“Beer on the Beach” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by JayW51 So you’ve just had a great day with your date driving around the east side and hitting some amazing beaches and you’d like to keep the momentum going if not for the traffic! The traffic around Hawaii Kai can get quite tight so instead of just sitting and waiting it out, why not stop for a quick bite, some live music and a tasty pint from Kona Brewing Company at Koko Marina! The space has ample outdoor seating and fantastic views of the Marina to enjoy as the flavors of your lager mix with the aroma of freshly baked pizza and melting cheese. You and your partner can relax and chat about your amazing day and even start planning another!   You know your drive will be better with a plus one! So if your still looking for that special someone give our counselors a call at...

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Ride the Wave!

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This year Duke’s OceanFest is from Aug 19-27 and once again is an exciting event for the whole family to enjoy. Cheer your favorite teams or members from your Oaha, or simply stop by Queens beach to catch the excitement after your first coffee or cocktail date with us. That’s right! When we set you up on a date we only ask that you start off with coffee/tea or a cocktail and pupus. Just go out and see! If you and your date have chemistry and click, then you’re ready to go! You can stay at the meeting place, or find another spot where you two can enjoy each others company. In this case if you met in Waikiki, why not go to the beach for a walk? It’s right there! While you and your date watch the sporting activities, you two can start planning what adventures you will have together, and start creating those good vibes that will make your date a success. Since you wouldn’t be reading this blog if you weren’t single, give us a call at 808-924-4481 and we will introduce you to our dating system that’s designed to create lasting memories and romance with your perfect...

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Live in the moment

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Too often with our busy and hectic schedules we find it hard to simply sit and enjoy the moment, or our company or even, believe it or not in Hawaii, the seasons. Even when we go on a date we might be tempted to check our phones or our minds might wonder away from the person with us. That’s why this week we’d like to focus on savoring the moment, the company, the atmosphere and the food. Today we’d like to introduce a fantastic eatery and date spot called “Town”. Located near other great date spots on Waialae, Town uses only seasonal and locally available ingredients so their menu changes daily. This means that your meal will be made with the freshest ingredients and hand-crafted in the kitchen. Each dish is carefully crafted which means you’ll have plenty of time to sip their signature cocktails and share an intimate conversation with your date. We encourage you to live in the moment, savor the flavors that you could have only tasted on that day at that time, and fall in love by looking deep into your partners eyes instead of a screen. And you can avoid the screen of online dating and apps by calling our counselors at (808) 924-4481. We work hard to introduce you to real people whom we have met in person. Book your free consultation...

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Evening Safari

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“Oahu Zoo ★” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by princess of the sun ★ Aloha daters! Have you had a chance to check out any of our date recommendations? Recently we introduced the concert series at the Honolulu Zoo Wednesdays in July. A disadvantage is that it’s over by 7 and while you could continue your picnic or cuddle on a blanket in Kapiolani Park, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy an evening Safari date? As the temperatures drop the animals (especially the nocturnal ones) become more active so you might see animals that you’ve never seen at the zoo before during the day. Let the fading light and the jungle atmosphere put you in the mood for a wild night with your lover. If you’re still looking for someone special, please give our relationship counselors a call at (808) 924-4481 M-F...

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